New Pain Management Patients

 Call our office to discuss treatment about becoming a new pain management patient. Thanks. 


Managing Chronic Pain Properly!

  Chronic pain problems are often complex. Often many different factors are involved in the cause of the pain. Also, living with chronic pain results in multiple challenges for the patient and their family.  As a result many providers do not treat chronic pain. 

  At Westbrook Medical Center, our experienced friendly staff will  approach your individual concerns with these complexities in mind.  We will work with you to find the most effective approach to your problem.


About Your Visit

  Please be familiar with our "Office Policies". Since we are extremely conscious of our need to be responsible and accountable in the appropriate management of pain, their are additional policies which we have with regard to our Pain Management program. All prospective pain patients must come into the office during office hours to complete a request for records. We will then fax that document to any and all providers seen in the past two-three years. Those records will be reviewed and the providers will determine if they are comfortable seeing the patient for pain management.

  If this is your  first visit, you can save time by completing the following forms prior to your arrival:

  At your first and each subsequent visit, you must complete a history form. Again, filling out the form prior to your visit may save you some time.

  Always make sure you have a current list of your  medications, doses, and allergies.